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This Media Narrative Didn’t Get A ‘Fake News Award,’ But It Should HaveCuomo Trying To Save Cash By Freeing Sick, Old InmatesBill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ Got An Invite To Trump’s First SOTU Speech
Poll Shows Public Waking Up to Media Lies About GOP Tax PlanCatholic University Cancels LGBTQ Exhibit Over Complaints It Exposed Students To EvilNow cops are dangerous even if they do things “by the book”
Swedish ‘No Go Zone’ Police Station BombedFake news champ Paul Krugman beclowns himself on BitcoinDramatic video of gang armed robbery in an expensive Chicago neighborhood
How Regulations Made California's Fires WorseThe FBI and Collusion: An Inside ViewFake News’ CNN Actually Counted How Many Times Trump Has Said ‘Fake
Pizza Store Defends Employees’ Right to Arm Themselves Week After Manager Kills Robbery SuspectHouse Hearing: Obama Sat Back as China Used Ports Stolen by Cuba’s ‘White Male Military Dictatorship’Kelly: Trump Wants Chain Migration Limited to Nuclear Family, About $20 Billion for Wall Funding for DACA Deal
U.S. Cops Protected Drug Shipments for Narco-Traffickers, Say AuthoritiesA(nother) funny thing happened on the way to California’s bullet train paradiseFinally: Trump announces the “Fake News Awards”
GoPro Camera Catches Dramatic Video of Motorboat Ramming Full Speed Into a Fishing BoatColin Kaepernick Pays Final Installment of $1 Million Pledge to ‘Organizations Fighting Towards Social Justice’REPORT: LAPD Blew $10 Million On A Fleet Of Electric BMWs It Doesn’t Use
Donald Trump Really Is Engaging In Soviet Tactics With Fake Media AwardsBeach Boys Founder Gets ‘F’ On High School Music Paper Changed To ‘A’ More Than 50 Years LaterFounder Of Portland Anti-Trump Group Was Jailed On Suspicion Of Strangling And Kidnapping A Girl
‘The Situation’ Will Reportedly Plead Guilty To Tax Fraud ChargesMichael Wolff’s ‘Fire and Fury’ to Become TV Series Despite Accuracy Concerns‘Rapidly Evolving Threat’ From Fentanyl Forces Police To Take New Precautions
Spy Agency Tried Sneaking Will Ferrell Quote On Mission LogoFed Employees Are Irate At Being Told They Can’t Work From Home AnymoreHow Michael Wolff duped the White House into giving him access to Trump’s aides
US Quickly Becoming The ‘Undisputed Global Oil And Gas Leader,’ Says IEA HeadDemocrats Used To Hate Government Shutdowns Ann Curry: ‘Climate’ of Sexual Harassment ‘Pervasive’ at NBC News
Conservative Christian Actor Kevin Sorbo Says Comicon Ban Is A Publicity StuntPoll: Most Americans Can’t Think Of An Objective News SourceJeff Flake to Trump before the “Fake News” Awards: America’s press isn’t the “enemy of the people”
26 States Urge Trump To Finally Get Rid Of Obama’s Global Warming RuleICE To Carry Out Massive Immigration Sweep In ‘Sanctuary State’ CaliforniaGOP antes up their CHIPs in budget showdown
Rubio: ‘I Believe We Do Have to Build a Wall’What I Learned in the Peace Corps in Africa: Trump Is RightReport: Medicaid And Obamacare May Be Incentivizing Opioid Trafficking And Abuse
Fifty Years on from Paul Ehrlich’s ‘The Population Bomb’: So How Come We’re Not All Dead, Yet?Mass Migration Now Sole Cause of Population Growth in GermanyConan Audience Boos That When They Hear That Trump Is Healthy
Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Trump Has Heart Disease De Blasio’s Answer To NYC’s Outrageous Subway Problems? Higher Taxes More winning: US oil and gas industry so hot they’re running out of workers
Trump Withholds $65 Million from U.N.’s Palestinian ‘Refugee’ AgencyEuropean Union Launches Commission Against “Fake NewsDC Schools Graduating More And More Chronically Absent Students
Hey, who’s up for “New California”?‘Dreamer’-age Illegals Have Crime Rate Double Young Americans, Says ReportSenate Dems Have 50 Votes To Override FCC’s Net Neutrality Repeal
47-Minute, Womanless Cut Of ‘The Last Jedi’ Sends Media Into TriggerlandSwedish MSM Boss to Join EU Fake News Task ForceJerry Brown Blames California’s Coming Insolvency on Prop 13
Illinois High Schools Are Completely Changing How They Teach Kids Because Test Scores Are That BadSTUDY: Arizona’s ‘Dreamers’ Make Up 8 Percent Of State Prison PopulationParis Metro Drivers Refuse to Stop at Certain Stations Citing Passenger Safety
That billionaire submarine murder guy has been charged with… yep. Murder.WAGES OF AWFUL POLICY: Minimum Wage Hikes Cause Hundreds Of Bus Boys To Lose Jobs At Red RobinFake News and Toxic Media Bias Are Nothing New – Just Worse
First Hawaii, Now Japan Is Firing Off Fake Missile AlertsLegitimizing mob thuggery on Comedy CentralJames O’Keefe: Twitter’s Censorship Algorithm Targets ‘Breitbart Audience’
‘Bachelor’ Nick Viall And January Jones Are DatingDe Blasio’s Global Warming Lawsuit Is Riddled With Factual ErrorsAnother anti-Muslim 'hate crime' exposed as a hoax
Inspector General finds 100% error rate for Obama’s ICE screening illegal immigrants for ties to terrorismShocking data on immigrant crimeTrump’s Phony ‘Fake News’ Claims
DHS Report: 3 Of Every 4 Terrorism Offenders Since 9/11 Were Foreign-BornOle Miss Might Start Suspending Students Over MicroaggressionsAnti-PC Professor Suing NYU Speaks Out
Lib Talker Bill Press: Donald Trump’s Base ‘Extreme, Wacko Racist,’ ‘Rednecks’Puerto Rico’s Biggest Newspaper Prints Column Blaming “The Jew” For Country’s Post-Hurricane ProblemsNFL Viewership Collapses Among Older White Viewers, Drives 2017 Ratings Crash
A fake, anti-Muslim hate crime in Canada‘Thousands Of Restaurants’ May Close After Minimum Wage HikesMysteriously, more people are fleeing the highest taxed states
Why California is the 'poverty capital of the America'MLK’s Niece Says Trump Is Not A Racist, Has Helped The Black Community France Threatens Brexit Deal Unless UK Takes More Calais Migrants
Trump to Cut More than Half in U.S. Aid to UN Palestinian ‘Refugee’ AgencyHijab ‘Attack’ Condemned By Canada’s Prime Minister Was A HoaxMLK Didn’t Have Much To Say On The Environment, So CNN Called Him An ‘Environmental Hero’
PICTURES: Historic German Church Demolished as Mosques Multiply Across the CountryIllegals Fleeing to Canada Find Even Liberal Canada Has Limits to FreebiesChain Migration Expected to Add 8M Potential Foreign-Born Voters to U.S. Electorate over Next Two Decades
Romney Privately Commits To Utah Senate RunSorry, Hollywood. Tonya Harding doesn’t deserve victim status‘Living On A Different Planet’: Obama Pokes At Fox News Viewers In Letterman Show
Half Of The Top 100 Colleges No Longer Require ACT Or SAT ScoresWaPo writer found strategizing with Democrats now exploring new career opportunitiesCNN’s Don Lemon Calls Fox News ‘The Trump Channel’
The Nuclear Option: Stephen Miller Proves Entire Democrat Media Complex Is Very Jake NewsAnother Reminder: Gun Control Doesn’t Prevent CrimeMike Rowe Destroys Woman Who Wants Him Fired For Being ‘Ultra-Right Wing Conservative’
London Mayor Flips on ‘Stop and Search’ After Breitbart Exposé of Capital Crime EpidemicFLASHBACK: Pelosi Praised Obama’s $40 Payroll Tax Cut But Calls $1,000 Bonuses ‘Crumbs’Check Out Howard Stern’s Most Outrageous On-Air Moments [VIDEO]
Study: Over 200 Million Christians Worldwide Facing Severe PersecutionReview: Anti-Trump ‘Resistance’ Group Chiefs Used Donor Funds to Line Their Own PocketsReview: Anti-Trump ‘Resistance’ Group Chiefs Used Donor Funds to Line Their Own Pockets
Fake Black Lives Matter Stories Won’t DieMother Of Overdose Victim Warns Fentanyl-Laced Cocaine Is Becoming WidespreadHow to Get Kicked Off YouTube
Facebook Makes Money Off Of Fake News, And It’s Not Always Easy To ReportBrazil To Crack Down On ‘Fake News’ With Dictatorship-Era LawSteven Pinker: Here’s how political correctness winds up creating its own antagonists
NBC Will Show Protesting NFL Players Live on Camera During the Super BowlJob Site Finds Women 48 Percent More Likely To Get Hired Than MenBidding a fond farewell to the CFPB slush fund
REPORT: Non-Citizens Commit More Federal Crimes Than Their Share Of US PopulationReport: 485 Scientific Papers Published in 2017 Undermine Supposed ‘Consensus’ on Climate ChangeThe rich are fleeing Connecticut in droves
Police: Fake Cop Attempts to Pull over Real Cop in CaliforniaFake News: Blair Claims Brexit Harms Productivity, as Growth Hits Six-Year High‘The Gorilla Channel’ — Fake News Brigade Falls For Hilarious Spoof Of Michael Wolff’s Trump Book
Happy Holidays: Report Cites Bloated Paychecks, Bonuses for Govt Employees Funded by TaxpayersHappy Holidays: Report Cites Bloated Paychecks, Bonuses for Govt Employees Funded by TaxpayersEconomists now say Brexit doom and gloom forecasts were wrong
Trump Approval Rating On Par With Obama’s After One Year In White House2017’s Highlights and Lowlights of Media BiasFake News On Gun Confiscation
#Fakenews? How The Media Misleads About Obama’s And Trump’s Economic RecordsThe Whoppers of 2017The Renewable Fuel Standard Belongs On The Naughty List
Fake News’ is Collins Dictionary’s Word of the Year 2017States Are Cracking Down on ‘Fake’ Service AnimalsHow to Flag Fake News on Facebook
Fake Slate: Trumping up post election "Hate Crimes"Websites that Post Fake and Satirical Stories