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Minneapolis To Reduce Police Psych Testing After Screening Out Too Many MinoritiesEPA’s Plan To Publicly Debate Global Warming Is On IceSeasons’ GREATNESS: New York Fed Nowcast Hits 4.0% GDP Growth
The Washington Post Exposes Pelosi Lie On National ReciprocityStudy Finds No Evidence Fracking Is Harming People’s HealthCNN, WaPo, NYT Ignore Top Democrat’s $220K Sexual Harassment Settlement
Hillary: GOP Agenda Fanning the Flames of ‘White Supremacy and Misogyny and Homophobia’The NLRB just blocked one of the worst union abuses from the Obama eraMiss Iraq Selfie With Miss Israel Reportedly Forces Her To Leave Country
Exodus: Jews Flee Paris Suburbs Over Rising Tide of Anti-SemitismLeonardo DiCaprio, Jane Fonda, Bill Maher, More Hollywood Stars Fund Effort to Defeat Rep. Darrell IssaFake News: CNN’s Jim Acosta Claims ‘1,552 Mass Shootings’ Since Sandy Hook
Study: Gender Pay Gap Caused By Girls Aspiring to Lower-Paid JobsHow to brainwash a so-called 'science-denier'Report: U.S. Military Shifting Focus to ‘Bigger Threat’ Iran as Islamic State Falls
U.S. Displays Evidence Iran Violated U.N. Ban on Weapons ProliferationDHS Secretary Calls for More Walls, Manpower on Texas BorderForbes Fumbles Facts On Important Drug Discount Program
‘The Gloves Are Off’: Top General Says U.S. Demolished $80 Million in Taliban Heroin LabsReal Life ‘Weeds’: 43-Year-Old Mom Busted For Million Dollar Monthly Pot OperationObama Lies The NYTimes Chose Not To Call Out
David Cameron at Soros Lecture: Trump’s Criticism of Mainstream ‘Fake News’ is ‘Dangerous’, Real Enemy ‘Russian Bots and Trolls’Trump Breaks All-Time Record for Federal Appeals Judges as Senate Confirms James Ho to Fifth CircuitTriggered CNN Calls Net Neutrality Repeal ‘End Of The Internet’ — Internet Punches Back
Nikki Haley: Here’s proof Iran has been supplying weapons to militants in YemenThe FCC Will Vote to Repeal Net Neutrality on ThursdayInvestigation finds ‘scientific misconduct’ in study claiming microplastic pollution harms fish
Woman Miscarries After Boyfriend Tricked Her Into Drinking Abortion Pill‘Super Size Me’ Guy Admits To Long History Of Sexual MisconductAcosta Spreads Misleading Stats About Mass Shootings
Omarosa: I Have Seen Things in the WH That ‘Upset’ Me, ‘Affected My Community,’ I Will Tell My StoryDisney Has Officially Taken Over The Entertainment IndustryNYT CEO Calls Out Facebook For Lack of Transparency
Traditional Depictions of Mothers to be Banned in Adverts From Next Year Amid Ongoing War On ‘Gender Stereotypes’GOP Tax Plan Keeps Green Energy, Electric Car SubsidiesFake Report of Voter Fraud in Alabama
‘Good Morning America’ Host Gets NASTY At OmarosaFed Says Tax Cuts Will Strengthen Economy and Fed Won’t Stand in the Way of a Trump BoomJust 12 Per Cent of Brits Would Abandon Brexit
Migrants Buying Ready-Made Fake ‘Cover Stories’ To Fool Authorities In Approving Asylum ClaimsHungary Rejects Europe’s ‘Limitless and Permanent Migrant Quota’Past Three Months Of Trump Coverage 91 Percent Negative
Astroturf: Federal agencies flooded with hundreds of thousands of fake comments on regulationsUN Warns Of New Migrant Crisis In EuropeIllinois residents still fleeing state in record numbers
Not shocking: Grassley aide lands plush ethanol lobbying gigNYT Frets About Dictators Using ‘Fake News,’ Forgets Democrats Popularized TermTop Nuclear Official Suggests Obama Admin Wasn’t Totally Straightforward On Uranium One Deal
The zero-accountability Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has been caught falsifying documents to shake down a business, a whistleblower says.Fact Check: Jimmy Kimmel Spews False Narrative About ObamacareWhy Trump’s Ag Secretary Doesn’t Want To Restrict Candy From Food Stamps
Purdue Professor Argues Tough College Courses Reinforce White Privilege‘Imminent Threat to the Internet’: Tech Pioneers Speak Out Against Repeal of Net NeutralityFusion GPS Confirms Hiring DOJ Official’s Wife To Investigate Trump
What Life Was Like For Christians And Jews When Arabs Ruled JerusalemNet Neutrality Is A Sham That Protects Silicon Valley Robber BaronsSarah Sanders Said Media Should Apologize For Fake News — MSNBC’s Response Will Hurt Your Brain
MSNBC Anchor Triggered, Worried Trump Is Spreading Fake News Movement ‘Around The World’Man Beaten To Near Death By Left-Wing Extremists For Wearing Flag SuspendersCNN Caught Pushing Fake Claims That Abortions Go ‘Down Under Democrats’ To Influence Alabama Election
Trump’s new moon shot is the best of several bad ideas NASA hadFake News Firehose: Science Proves Media Are Not Making ‘Honest Mistakes’ About TrumpNew DHS Secretary Embraces Conservative Immigration Reforms
Three Pinocchios for Pelosi on Concealed Carry Reciprocity ActDisney Begged Obama To Stop Using Its Cartoon Characters In Climate Change PropagandaMedia Left Out The Fact Wealthy Liberal Orgs Are Backing Kids’ Climate Change Lawsuit
MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinksi: Sarah Sanders Is ‘Helping Damage This Republic’CNN goes full snowflakeFusion GPS Dossier cabal was using spy tradecraft to evade leaving electronic footprints for NSA surveillance
Beware the gift of fake news and fake resignationsCNN Airs Segment on Trump’s Soda Habit While NYC Terror Attack UnfoldedWhat The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act Will Do
Sally Kohn: ‘Most men hate women’Sarah Sanders Gets Into It With CNN Over Fake News Question: ‘I’m Not Finished!’Can The FBI Flat Out Refuse To Show Congress How It Got A Warrant To Spy On The Trump Campaign?
Journos Fret Over Sarah Sanders Calling Out Fake NewsCNN Covers Botched Don Jr. Story 27 Times More Than CorrectionSF Housing Prices Are So Bad People Are Paying $2,400 For 220 Sq Ft Boiler Rooms And Basements
Former CIA Director Regrets How Intel Agencies Treated TrumpCNN, MSNBC Cover Trump’s TV Habits During NYC ExplosionMysteriously, ruling socialists win virtually every regional election in Venezuela
REPORT: Trump Supports Pruitt’s Plan To Publicly Debate Climate ChangeChinese Diplomat: China Will Open Fire On Taiwan If A US Warship Ever Docks ThereNYPD Official Calls Terrorism ‘A Fact Of Life’
De Blasio Using Taxpayer Funds To Give Gift Cards To Criminal SuspectsDe Blasio Using Taxpayer Funds To Give Gift Cards To Criminal SuspectsDe Blasio Using Taxpayer Funds To Give Gift Cards To Criminal Suspects
Scott Walker is tired of waiting, looks at drug testing food stamp recipientsFemale Entrepreneur Says Google’s ‘Women in Tech’ Program Ostracized Her for Being ConservativeDodd-Frank Tipped The Scale In The Wrong Direction
Liberal media racket: Cover only good news for Democrats and only bad news for Republicans.Canadian Health Care Wait Times More Than Double In 25 Years, Report FindsGovernor, Promise Republicans The Franken Seat If Moore Loses
CNN Flies Into Damage Control After Fake Russia StoryWatch CNN Trot Out Reporter Who Published Fake News To Correct His Own Fake NewsNYT: Emails ‘Undercut’ Trump-Russia Collusion
Navy: Black Sailor Staged Racist Graffiti Against HimselfReport: Trump Is Open To Drastically Reforming Biofuel Standard On One Big ConditionGRAPHIC — WATCH: Local Police Chief Executed in Mexican Border State
Australia Passes Bill Legalizing Same-Sex MarriageHawaii Has An Insane Rate Of Homelessness — And It’s Not Going AnywhereReport: Brands Paying Forbes, HuffPost, Others for Positive Coverage
Tidalgate: Climate Alarmists Caught Faking Sea Level RiseMSNBC Accidentally Cuts To Rioting Palestinians WaPo Gives Dems More Pinocchios On Tax Bill
Obama Takes Credit For Economic Recovery, Thanks Himself Today In Media: CNN Forgets To Cover Major Fraud Story Fake News – and Now Fake Ratings – From MSNBC
CNN Guest Compares Calling North Korea A State Sponsor Of Terror To Saying ‘Fake NewsDonald Trump: Congress Should Release Names of Members Who Settle Harassment CasesCongress Allows Health Care Providers To Be Sleazy Goons Who Charge Whatever They Can Extract
ESPN Airs Special On Player Who Lied About Police Encounter To Seem Like A VictimReport: 264 Staffers Paid $17 Million In Congressional Harassment Hush MoneyDoctors Are Turning To Marijuana To Treat Opioid Addiction
Fake News’ is Collins Dictionary’s Word of the Year 2017States Are Cracking Down on ‘Fake’ Service AnimalsTo Push Back Against Iran, We Must Support Our Kurdish Allies
James O’Keefe Busts New York Times Editor Explaining How Paper Sets Anti-Trump NarrativeCharles Barkley: Worrying About ‘Stupid’ Confederate Statues a ‘Waste’ of TimePoll: Plurality believes far-right groups were *not* mostly to blame for violence in Charlottesville
Big Brother: NFL Launches Department to Help Players’ With Social Media AccountsBig Brother: NFL Launches Department to Help Players’ With Social Media AccountsReport: Moscow Takes Control of Venezuelan Oil Assets amid Socialist Meltdown
Time lapse captures rush hour in one of Japan's busiest stationsWoody Allen's 'Wonder Wheel' to Close New York Film Festival (Exclusive)David Letterman, Norm Macdonald Lament Sameness of Late-Night TV
The CBO and its big liePruitt blasts Europe, Merkel for ‘hypocrisy’ on climateHow to Flag Fake News on Facebook
Fake Slate: Trumping up post election "Hate Crimes"Websites that Post Fake and Satirical Stories