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Report: 75% of Victims of Religious Persecution Are ChristiansHaving A Great White Shark Attack Your Boat Is Not A Fun TimeGwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Wins Award for Promoting Worst ‘Pseudoscience’
John Bolton: Trump Silence on Iran-Dominated Baghdad Invasion of Kurdish Iraq ‘a Tragedy’FBI Confirms That Comey Drafted Statement On Clinton Probe Months Before Investigation EndedPolice Were Assaulted Nearly 60,000 Times In 2016
NY Times Opinion: Progressive outrage is ruining academiaYeesh: Megyn Kelly’s ratings going down the tubes?Has Trump finally seen the light on ethanol and the RFS?
Trump Says He’s Looking ‘Very Strongly’ At Possible Welfare ReformFLASHBACK: NBC Also Stifled Ronan Farrow’s Attempt To Question Cosby Sex AllegationsEight Killed, 11 Wounded During Weekend Violence in Gun-Controlled Chicago
Rose McGowan: Lisa Bloom Offered Millions to ‘Silence Me’ About WeinsteinChina Isn’t Even Close To Meeting Paris Climate Accord GoalsHoward Stern Shares Harvey Weinstein Audio Essentially Claiming Casting Couch Is Old School
Trump’s EPA Is Cracking Down On ‘Sue And Settle’ LawsuitsTaliban Hostage Thought Captors Were Kidding When Told Trump Was PresidentMan Caught Spray Painting Swastika On College Campus Is Black, Report Says
Kurdistan Urges US To Hold Baghdad, Iranian Proxies Accountable After Iraqi Forces Take KirkukPro-Consumer Tax Reform Lowers Rates for EverybodyColleges Might Be Ignoring Trump Admin’s Sexual Assault Guidelines
Israeli Defense Minister: Trump Iran Speech ‘Brave,’ Europeans ‘Burying Heads in Sand’Juvenile Prison Catches Worker Who Stole $1.2 Million Worth Of FajitasIraq on Brink of Civil War as Fight Between Kurdish and Iraqi Forces Looms
Ready for John Kasich 2020?Paul Krugman flaunts his Trump Derangement Syndrome‘State of Denial’: Hillary Clinton Blames Nigel Farage, Macedonian Fake News Factories, for Losing Election
Epidemic of South African Farm Murders Continues as Gunmen Shoot Elderly Victim DeadTrump Killing Insurance Subsidies Spikes Covered California Premiums 25%Apple VP Of Diversity Apologizes For Suggesting Diversity Of Thought Is Important
Trudeau Government Can’t Say How Much Pot Is Too Much To DriveFlashback VIDEO: Barbara Walters Scolds Corey Feldman for Calling Out Hollywood Abuse‘Breaking Bad’ House Owners Install Fence to Stop Fans from Throwing Pizza on Roof
Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen Declare Support for Trump’s Iran StrategyExperts on Decertifying Iran Deal: Trump Should Have Killed Terror-Fueling AgreementO.J. Simpson Is Living Like A King Since His Release From Prison
Corey Feldman has been talking about sexual abuse in Hollywood for yearsCNN’s Don Lemon: Trump Has ‘Fooled’ Voters With ‘Fake News’ Claims About ObamacareAffirmative Action: A Weapon of Class Warfare
FBI ‘Finds’ New Documents About Clinton-Lynch Tarmac MeetingThe New York Times Asks Its Reporters To Be ‘Non-Partisan’ Over Social MediaThe Liberal Media Has Lost Its Way And Sense Of Humor
‘RED CENTURY’: The New York Times Is Trying To Make Communism CoolSan Diego Aims to Ban ‘Free Mooring’ to Eliminate Abandoned Boats by Mexican SmugglersLatino And Black Cops Are ‘Less Cynical’ Than White Ones, Study Claims
NYT Reporters On Twitter Make It Hard To Argue NYT Doesn’t Have A ‘Vendetta’ Against TrumpReport: Media Give Ivanka Trump a Pass, See Her as ‘One of Their Own’Trump Admin Will Cease Paying Critical Obamacare Subsidies
Middle Eastern Refugees from Australia Who Need ‘Mental Health’ Treatment Being Resettled Across Five StatesMedia's shrill coverage conceals Trump's first-rate changes to ObamacarePolitiFake: PolitiFact Attempts To Fundraise After Claiming They Were ‘Targeted’ By Conservatives
FBI Reviews Allegations Of Puerto Rican Officials Withholding Hurricane Relief‘Ridiculous Mistake’ To Blame For North Korea’s Theft Of Allied War PlansReport: Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps Runs Secret Sites for Illegal Nuclear Development
US to UNESCO: We’re outta here until you end anti-Israel bias; Update: Israel exits tooVA Regional Manager Accessed File That Included Whistle-Blower’s Medical RecordsOld Jimmy Kimmel Clip Shows Him Telling Woman ‘Put Your Mouth On It’
Middle East Studies Profs Gone BadDog Helps Police Find Missing Toddler, Reminding The World That Canines Are The BestNFL Claims Fake News Is Spreading About Commissioner’s Anthem Stance
Can Trump challenge NBC’s license for “fake news”?REPORT: Bill And Hillary Haven’t Spoke In MonthsDoes Trump really want to increase America’s nuclear arsenal tenfold? Update: “Absolutely false,” says Mattis
James O’Keefe Busts YouTube Deciding What Is ‘Legitimate’ News, and What Isn’tCongress To Release Russian-Bought Facebook Ads To The PublicOver 90 Per Cent of Asylum Seekers Investigated in Denmark Caught Lying About Their Origin
NRA Exec’s False Gun ClaimShake Shack makes the move to automation in the face of higher wagesNorth Korea Apparently Tried To Hack Into American Power Companies
US Military ‘In A Death Spiral’ After Obama-Era CutsBoy Scouts Of America Is Now Allowing Girls To JoinJames O’Keefe Series to Debut on One America News Network
Puerto Rican Teamsters Stories are BogusFLASHBACK: Oscars Host Jokes About Actresses Faking Attraction To Harvey WeinsteinMan-Made Climate Catastrophe Is a Myth, More Studies Confirm
Black Woman In ‘Racist’ Dove Ad Says ‘I Am Not A Victim’NBC News Passed On Weinstein Story Navy Guided-Missile Destroyer Challenges China In The South China Sea
Turkey Sentences Wall Street Journal Reporter To 25 Months In PrisonEXCLUSIVE – Gay Porn Kingpin Michael Lucas: Muslim Homophobia Becoming ‘Very Inconvenient’ for LiberalsFive MAJOR Media Embarrassments In Week After Las Vegas Shooting
Terror Attacks Force Red Cross to ‘Drastically Reduce’ Presence in AfghanistanReport: Renewable Energy Is Bigger ‘Scam’ than Bernie Madoff and EnronIt’s Disappointing To Learn Beer Might Give You ‘Man Boobs’
Social Democrat ‘Consultant’ Allegedly Set Up Fake Anti-Semitic Group To Discredit PopulistsABC’s Chief Political Analyst Spreads Blatant Falsehoods About Las Vegas ShootingVeterans’ Organization Calls On Facebook, Twitter To Fight Fake News With DOD And VA
Hungarian PM: ‘The EU Insults Member-States, Abuses its Powers, and Eats from George Soros’s Hand’Report: Matt Damon, Russell Crowe Helped Kill Harvey Weinstein Sexual Harassment Story in 2004AP Omitted Expert Quotes That Didn’t Fit The Narrative About Global Warming
FBI classifies “Black Identity Extremists.” Chaos ensuesSwedish Lawyer: Majority of Rape Suspects In Cases Are MigrantsAmerica Was Great in the 50's ?
Coal (Hopefully Clean) Is Here for the Long HaulSelf-Exiled Chinese Billionaire Warns Beijing Seeking to ‘Decimate’ U.S.Facebook Adding ‘More Info’ Button on News Stories to Fight ‘Fake News
A CNN Exclusive? How about fake news advancing Mueller's narrative?Fracking Has Cut More CO2 Emissions Than All Renewable Energy Combined4 Times The Liberal Media Debunked The Gun Control Myth
Chris Cuomo Spreads Fake News About Bump StocksWSJ: Progressive Academics Reject ScienceNYT Uses Inflated Mass Shooting Numbers For Dramatic Editorial
12 Floridians Charged with Running Alleged $20 Million Food Stamp Fraud Scheme'60 Minutes' doesn't mention 'Democrats" or 'Bernie Sanders' in Scalise interviewBarrier Reef ‘Dying’ Scare Exposed as Fake News
The FBI’s Latest Report Suggests The ‘Ferguson Effect’ Is RealEXCLUSIVE: Mainstream Media Reporting About Twitter ‘Fake News’ Is 100% FALSEDesperate, Disgusting, Delusional Alarmists Backtrack on Bombshell Climate Study
Networks not showing fans booing kneeling players during anthemZuckerberg Apologizes For Calling Fake News’ Impact On Election ‘Pretty Crazy’Myth vs. Reality in Gun Debates
Left Calls Trump Admin ‘Pro-Rape’ for Defending Students’ Due ProcessWorld View: Israel May Be the Only Country Recognizing the Iraq Kurdistan ReferendumReport: Average Mexican Immigrant Sponsors More Than Six Relatives For Visas
CNN Caught Using Fake News to Turn Puerto Rico into Trump’s ‘Katrina’REPORT: Obama Met with Facebook CEO to Advise on Fake NewsAffirmative action is the new third rail of American politics
MSNBC Admits Media Covers Trump Tweets Instead Of His Actual Policy VictoriesMichael Bloomberg: Facebook May Need to ‘Read Every Message’ to Stop Fake NewsFACT CHECK: Are Tropical Storms Getting ‘Bigger, Larger, More Violent’?
Months Of Media Speculation Over An Energy Department Study Exposed As Fake NewsLISTEN: Texas Border Democrat Caught Using N-Word in TiradeScientists Go After The Media For Highlighting A Study Showing IPCC Climate Models Were Wrong
Former Obama And Clinton Aides Are Getting Paid To Promote Green Energy InterestsReport: Fed Bureaucracies Commit Thousands Of Felonies Every DayNYT Buries Nationalities Of London Bombers And Omits Refugee Status In Report
FACT CHECK: Individual Mandate Penalty Falls Heaviest On Families Making $50K Or LessMedia virtually ignoring evidence of vote fraud in election integrity hearingsNearly 30 Percent Of Public School Teachers Are ‘Chronically’ Skipping Classes, Study Says
Who Profits Off Fake News?Philippines To Ramp Up Crackdown On ‘Fake NewsFake News SHOCKER: CNN Video Exposes True Antifa
Fakest: Anti-White Islamist Gets Promoted As ‘Muslim Woman Fighting Stereotypes’ On UK TVFacebook Updates Policy To Combat Fake NewsAl Gore's Inconveniently Fake Sequel
Some people just can't admit 'Fake News' is a problemMcConnell: ‘My View Is That Most News Is Not FakeCNN Historian Compares Jim Acosta to Fake News Godfather Dan Rather
First Evidence That Social Bots Play a Major Role In Spreading Fake NewsExclusive — Deep State Teams with Fake News: Email Evidence Proves New York Times Soliciting Anti-Trump Bureaucracy LeakersFacebook Will Auto-Load Related Headlines to Debunk ‘Fake News
PolitiFAKE: Politifact Gives Opposite Statements The Exact Same RatingThe Anatomy of a Mass Media Fake News LieKatie Couric Hates Fake News (When She’s Not Spreading It)
How to Flag Fake News on FacebookFake Slate: Trumping up post election "Hate Crimes"Websites that Post Fake and Satirical Stories