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Services memoriam for Jeremiah Devis User #361 With our deepest condolences, we announce the services … 2019-05-28
If No Collusion found, CNN to correct the record on Trump Least Trusted Name in NEWS If No Collusion is found, CNN has vowed to correct the … 2019-05-28
Microsoft refuses to fix known Excel bug Least Trusted Name in NEWS A bug with the popular Microsoft Excel program has been … 2019-05-28
Online advertisers being robbed blind Least Trusted Name in NEWS Many websites are taking advantage of problems with older … 2019-05-28
T-Series Demonetized!? Pewds Rejoices User #186 The Battle For nearly a year now, the two largest channels … 2019-03-26
Iran president threatens US with Alexander the Great User #146 President Hassan Rouhani from Iran has vowed to take … 2019-01-24
Canada's secret army Kevin Thornton Saskatchewan, Canada A huge military base was discovered … 2019-01-24
Humongous Zlatue skyrockets Hans Svensson The 60 feet tall statue of soccer player Zlatan Ibrahimovic … 2018-07-16