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Dangerous virus from China

A secret source in an extremely high position in the White Box leaked to Fake News that a very contagious virus accidentally escaped from a Huawei research facility in Wuhan. The virus is virtual in the sense that 5G devices can be used to give a combined electromagnetic wave pattern that can cause hallucinations and blurred vision. It's not just brain neurons that are tampered with, anything sitting next to the active chip can be hacked. Scientists call the effect "Ethereal Matrix". It's dangerous, so wearing a chromogenic filter in front of your face is advised.

New laws to ban Chinese electronic devices are expected to be passed by the Senate soon. In the meantime users should be extremely careful as NCSA don't know what models and brands are affected. The American computer company Supermicro found unexpected circuits on their motherboards a few years ago. They were designed in the USA, but manufactured in China. It was thought that the Chinese government was involved.

The stock market for Taiwanese companies has responded quickly to this news, on average up 30 points.