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Fly on a pretty white guy

At last night's debate vice president Mike Pence faced some kind of hard. It had flown a long way to be there on that very day. Spot on, the fly didn't find the subject very cool.

— He fakes it away, he may not have a clue, and he may not have the style. Everything he lacks, he makes up in denial.

Mike Pence appeared to be cooler than ice man and stood the test for 2 minutes. It was a moment of "come and sit on my face". Love was in the air. No hard feelings like in the previous event, except that his opponent Kamala Harris looked for pest control but missed the opportunity to grab what she thought was a strike of gigantic head lice.

This might have been the last chance to see a face to face battle before election day. President Trump said that he doesn't want to debate under the new rules following his covid-19 disease. He doesn't like to be cut off, but thinks it's ok to interrupt.

The fly, in fake media referred to as Biggles, left after problems with an itchy belly to see a spin doctor.