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If No Collusion found, CNN to correct the record on Trump

If No Collusion is found, CNN has vowed to correct the record on Trump. They further say they will stop the 24/7 Russia Trump coverage in favor of news that can be collaborated. To some this is a throwback to the self-imposed journalistic standards that once dominated the media business and gave them the image of integrity. This standard seems to strict in a world dominated by instant internet sources.

One reporter from an unspecified large news source under the assurance of anonymity is paraphrased as saying “There just isn't time to check on these stories now. When you get a tip, it must go on the wire immediately, and you must believe it until the bitter end because there just isn't time to be bothered with checking into it. Luckily, we do have a tool that the internet only media in large has no access to that is a fully staffed legal team that can get every mile possible out of our first amendment protections. Frankly if it weren't for those protections, we would all be in jail”.

Some of the conservatives interviewed said they are likely to visit the main stream news sites at least once after the release of the Muller report to see what the new programming from the six news companies that own all the major news networks will be. They said even though they feel bad about supporting these networks, by giving them their web traffic, they said it’s like a train wreck, very difficult to look away.