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Raelian offsite

A joint venture between the Kremlin, FSB and Pisney Enterprises was recently brought to attention by dissident Alexei Navalny. The story about the palace at the end of the serpentine road behind closed gates has become a huge success on Youtube. It's easy to regard the palace and surrounding buildings as signs of monumental corruption. It's undeniably a project by the Putin team, but the scale of it isn't very discrete, so it's not likely to be something bad. Russians aren't stupid. What Mr Navalny is barking at is in fact the finalization of the Elohim embasssy. For that mistake he is now getting professional help at the Lubyanka retreat center.

Rael's idea was to build the  Embassy in Israel, because  of the country's place between three continents. After Israel turned down the project more countries were asked. The nature of this delicate matter required much discretion, which is why Pisney asked the Kremlin to put a lid on everything so that their part is not revealed.

In the Black Sea facility Elohim will meet leaders from the whole planet. Between sessions visitors can enjoy a game of spaceballs in the underground hall next to the starship docking spots. In the main building they can take the elevator between the aquadisco and the turkish bath to reach the Clonaid laboratory. Say hello to Mort Pisney while sharing a glas or two filled with locally produced red wine accompanied by a memorable supper before getting the fresh body mud therapy.

BSE — Black Sea Embassy — will also be televised on Sputnik News with full coverage and behind the scene extras. Everything 110% Glasnost of course.