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Services memoriam for Jeremiah Devis

With our deepest condolences, we announce the services memoriam of Jeremiah Dovis. Jeremiah joined so much other fallen friends into the dipshit club Friday 24th May 2019. Technically, Jeremiahdid not fall off the roof. Technically the ladderfell off the roof. Technically, Jeremiah did not fall off the ladder. Weighting his options, he rode the falling ladder to it's untimely end of kinetic motion. Jeremiah joined the dipshit club with so many other fallen friends, such as Don Don, when he climbed a ladder without rubber shoes on it, nor a spotter on the ground. He deserved his fall for not waiting one second to work safely, when his poor wife, could have helped him. All the years Jeremiah spent teasing his buddies over falling off a roof have now come back as one final humble pie. All those already in the dipshit club can now look back at Jeremiah and say to his face, in the words of one foolish sage by the name of Devroomen, "suck it, nerd."

Services will be held in Jeremiah's unwanting ear for several days to come. It will be some time before he lives this down. And now his balk has ended.