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T-Series Demonetized!? Pewds Rejoices

The Battle

For nearly a year now, the two largest channels on Youtube have been battling it out for the #1 spot on Youtube's charts. There have been many rumors, but there is now very strong evidence of a sub bot on T-Series' account With the help of the investigative services of the Pewds Corporation, we have been able to gain access to the Gmail account of T-Series and see the hacks they have placed on their account. However, when this evidence was shown to Youtube, they did not want to see it. We thought this was not a very good response to our evidence, so we scheduled a meeting between Pewdiepie and Youtube so they could talk about it. After much debate, Youtube finally decided to give in and look at the compelling evidence.


Once Youtube looked at the evidence, they realized what they needed to do. As an apology, they promised to never demonetize Lazarbeam ever again. This was a special policy we chose so that Lazarbeam could feed himself. In Youtube, there is a thing they can do to your videos called demonetization. This makes it so any money that you make from that video, you don't make actually. This means that even if you usually have six ads, you have ZERO. If T-Series is demonetized, they will not be able to make money Youtube, which is where the bulk of there revenue is coming. According to, T-Series makes about 100 million dollars a year! If the videos from them are demonetized, they will stop making Youtube videos, thus Pewdiepie will win.

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