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Trump Fake News

Worried about getting your news from CNN, Fox News, or MSNBC?  No need to worry, on December 1st the United States President, Donald J. Trump, has admitted to undisclosed sources that his "Fake News" is non-bias new reporting.

A statement from President Trump "I need to make sure that my follower's do not perform any research about legitimate scandals that I'm involved with.  I know my followers are not the most educated and would back me if I make claims of 'fake news.'"

President Trump is not only undermining the People of the United States but is also causing a civil war breaking out between the Republicans and Democrats.  When asked about the conflict President Trump states “I want to make sure that this country is in a huge up roar when Sleepy Joe takes office.  I want to see how he handles this.  I know I didn’t handle the pandemic the way other counties handing it; undermining it, calling it a hoax, telling my followers that masks don’t work. So, I want him [Joe Biden] to have a bigger mess to clean up.  If I cannot win the election, I want chaos to occur.”

When we asked about the possibility to concede, President Trump states “I’m going to have a bigger and better rally on January 7th, something that Sleepy Joe cannot beet.”  When we stated that the inauguration is on January 20th and his Rally was on January 7th, President Trump told us that we read it from a “Fake News” company. The inauguration is always on January 7th.