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Generation X strikes again

Question: Concepts To Sell My Crescent 1151 Rocket Sport From 1962 Black / White Painting. It is refurbished according to all the rules of the art. Going well in the engine. 

The question is what it's worth on the market in this state. You want to be realistic about what to ask for. For the renovation costs, you can see as a training course and time spent as a therapy.

Answer: A value is difficult to estimate when you have not scrutinized the moped in question. 

Valuation for sales depends on the demand for the model, and then you have to look at the ad prices and that they are actually sold for the prices they have been advertised for the last few years. There is a public interest in Raketer within the hobby, as well as a sport from -62 in black is a rather desirable moped that interests everything from moped collectors to first-time speculators on a veteran moped. A refurbished model might be more attractive to those who want a nice driving moped than collector and "fix-self".

In order to return to ad prices, I have seen 1151's sold on advertisements ranging from $ 5,000 to $ 13,000 in recent years and then they have been sold. Have also seen a single Raket Sport on higher sums adverts than previously mentioned, but are not sure if they actually changed ownership or if they were left with the seller.

A Rocket Sport in original usage is around 6-7000kr, the finer moped the higher the value and the highest value bet a very nice untouched original moped.

If the mop is refurbished to its original version, according to all original rules of art with parts and color codes, the correct finishes, decals, etc., it may be sold for about 12000 kr. (+ - some tusenlap). On the other hand, if it is tummats on some "rules" or that there are missing parts, the value will decrease with a few thousand pieces directly.

Good luck with the sale!

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