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London bridge is brown

Hitler wanted one territory more than any other but failed.

And the world ducked

Pisney Enterprises upset about copyright infringement by US president

Services memoriam for Jeremiah Devis

Services memoriam for Jeremiah Devis, whom fell Friday 24 May 2019.

Canada's secret army

An ex-vine star located a secret Canadian military base where they are secretly training Sasquatch.

Online advertisers being robbed blind

Online advertisers being robbed blind by buggy sites and admins that stand to profit by not fixing the problems.

Microsoft refuses to fix known Excel bug

A bug with the popular Microsoft Excel program has been driving users crazy for years but Microsoft continues to release patches and new versions without fixing the bug.

If No Collusion found, CNN to correct the record on Trump

If No Collusion is found, CNN has vowed to correct the record on Trump. They further say they will stop the 24/7 Russia Trump coverage in favor of news that can be collaborated, a throw back to journalistic standards that once controlled the media and gave them an image of integrity.

T-Series Demonetized!? Pewds Rejoices

After many years of speculation, T-Series has been found with a sub bot on their account. With the help of the investigative skills of Pewdiepie and the 85 million subs he has, T-Series will soon be removed from Youtube.

Iran president threatens US with Alexander the Great

Iran President resurrects Alexander The Great to fight against the US.

Humongous Zlatue skyrockets

The 60 feet tall statue of soccer player Zlatan Ibrahimovic will soon be placed in the legend's home town Malmö. The art piece made by famous sculptor Ares Wongilo was originally crafted as a …