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Rome was built in a day

Redbull gave the Romans wings

Raelian offsite

The Elohim embasssy in Russia is not an embarrasment. Alexei Navalny is.

Dangerous virus from China

A new infectous virus from China strikes hard. Transmission is thought to be airborne, but might be physical too.

Trump Fake News

On December 1st Donald J. Trump admitted to undisclosed sources that his "Fake News" is non-bias news reporting

Alien stunts

Florida man claims that he got kidnapped by aliens also claims that “Climate changes aren’t real”

WW3 is occurring in secret and nobody knows

We could all die. Secret nuclear missiles have been fired all over the planet.

London bridge is brown

Hitler wanted one territory more than any other but failed.

And the world ducked

Pisney Enterprises upset about copyright infringement by US president

Services memoriam for Jeremiah Devis

Services memoriam for Jeremiah Devis, whom fell Friday 24 May 2019.

Canada's secret army

An ex-vine star located a secret Canadian military base where they are secretly training Sasquatch.