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To build the disk image you need a recent version of Perl. Then grab the Mojolicious package. The different tasks are managed by make. These steps are suggestions:

  • Start with an Ubuntu installation
  • Run commands to install stuff
    • sudo apt update
    • sudo apt install --yes cpanminus git make automake autoconf cmake wget libevdev-dev libhtml-tidy-perl
    • sudo apt install --yes mkisofs xorriso growisofs transmission-cli
    • sudo apt install --yes libwebp-dev libgif-dev libjpeg-dev libpng-dev libtiff-dev libheif-dev
    • sudo apt install --yes postgresql-client postgresql-12 postgresql-server-dev-all redis-server libhiredis-dev
    • sudo apt install --yes nginx-full
    • sudo cpanm --reinstall EV
    • sudo cpanm --reinstall Mojolicious
    • sudo cpanm --reinstall WWW::YouTube::Download
    • sudo cpanm --reinstall Hash::Merge
    • sudo cpanm --reinstall Text::MultiMarkdown
    • sudo cpanm --reinstall Mojolicious::Plugin::LocaleTextDomainOO
    • sudo cpanm --reinstall Locale::TextDomain::OO::Extract
    • sudo cpanm --reinstall Imager
    • sudo cpanm --reinstall Imager::File::JPEG
    • sudo cpanm --reinstall Imager::File::GIF
    • sudo cpanm --reinstall Imager::File::PNG
    • sudo cpanm --reinstall Imager::File::TIFF
    • sudo cpanm --reinstall Imager::File::HEIF
    • sudo cpanm --reinstall MojoX::MIME::Types
    • sudo cpanm --reinstall IO::Compress::Gzip
    • sudo cpanm --reinstall Test::Harness
    • sudo cpanm --reinstall Mojo::Redis
    • sudo cpanm --reinstall Mojo::Pg
    • sudo cpanm --reinstall Future::AsyncAwait
    • sudo cpanm --reinstall Minion
  • Clone the project into a suitable directory, we use /sites
    • sudo mkdir /sites
    • cd /sites
    • sudo -u www-data git clone
    • cd Samizdat
  • Copy samizdat.dist.yml to samizdat.yml and modify it for your needs
  • Start webpack file watching to minimize files


These tasks are defined in the Makefile and are meant to be run from the application root directory

  • make static - Process markdown files
  • make harvest - Start the web crawler to fetch material from our list of sources
  • make clean - Remove all html and media files from the public directory
  • make iso - Calculates the size on disk of the public directory and builds a DVD or Blu-ray ISO image
  • make torrent - Makes a torrent file of the public directory. If Pirate Bay login credentials are defined in samizdat.yml the torrent file will be published too.
  • make isotorrent - Makes torrent files for existing ISO images.
  • make devtools - Bootstraps an Ubuntu live image with everything installed to make contributions easy
  • make i18n - Manage script internationalization
  • make debug - Start the Morbo web server. It has lots of useful information for debugging


Explore configuration examples to quickly deploy a fast and stable installation.