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This directory contains some material to test the application. Run make clean in the project root to generate a text copy of this file.

Editable content

This [link](./editable/ class="magiclink") is supposed to be editable.

Transclusion of test.conf

option1: value1;
option2: value2;

Block of indented code

a = 1;
b = a;

Special indentation

Fenced code

One fence continue

HTML5 video

Video by Videographer Shiyaz from Pexels.

Adding WebP alternatives

Brown Mushroom on the Green Grass by Bulat Khamitov from Pexels. The Samizdat application adds the picture tag and also creates a copy in webp format.


This content comes from When numbered markdown files are present in a directory, the page layout turns into 2-column style and the cards are inserted.